Engine, safety, steering, transmission, electric circuit...




Greasing module  

Semi automatic machine with greasing system for steering.

Specifications :

- Manual loading and un loading
- Greasing head on each side
- 13 à 16 grease points per side
- Adjustable dose for each points



Hydraulic control bench

Assembling and control machine for safety valve.

Specifications :

- Valves assembling on pallet transfer.
- Calibration et control on rotate table.
- Openinig pressure calibration with a constant flow
- Calibration test
- Test Fluid (Pentosine, carbsyn...)



Assembly line for steering : 

Automatic transfer for electric steering assembly. 

Specifications :

- Production 360 parts/h
- Multi series assembly lines.
- Implanted in grey room.
- Components supplying in basket.
- Pres fit with force/strike control.






Assembling module for actuator :

Independent robotics cells for actuators assembling.

Specifications :

- Implanted in white room.
- Supplying components in pallet transfer.
- Electric welding.
- Brazed dough dipensing.
- Deposit chip resistor on actuator and passage in refused oven.





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