Presentation of ATIS


Our Company
Founded in 1988, at Cluses in France (Haute-Savoie, 30 Km of GENEVA airport ), ATIS is specialized in  full automatic machines designing and manufacturing. ATIS is a subsidiary company of the LEPTA group, composed by 3 companies (ATIS, Technic automation, ATIS Rom) specialized in automation .


Our customers
From small local businesses to big industrial groups of the European Union divided in sectors of: automotive, cosmetic, medical, household and clock-making.
Our achievements
Turnkey assembly modules , from  semi-automatic bench until full automatic line.
Our objective
With solid technical skill and our team strong service spirit , we strive to offer our customers effective solutions at competitive price.
Turn over
ATIS realizes 6M€ turn over with 42 people, including a big technicians and engineers team in design department
The group produces for its 11M€ turn over with 65 people.


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